GOALS…Simple Tips That Will Help You Stick to Your Goals for the Whole Year

Author: Jack Canfield

Here is how to keep going when you lack motivation.

In this video, Jack Canfield and Patty Aubrey discuss how to stay dedicated toward your new goals this entire year. 

Click the link below to access the video and to hear the simple tips to help you stick to your goals all year long.


Canfield says to keep in mind that success is a team sport. You will make more progress working together than working alone. Canfield recommends finding accountability partners or mastermind groups in order to maintain focus. These parties will help keep you from reverting back to the same habits.

Moreover, if you are struggling to meet deadlines because of procrastination, you might simply afraid. Canfield practicing visualization and the five-minute challenge, which means taking just five minutes to do a certain task, which can then spark momentum and possibly finish the whole project.

I hope you enjoyed this short post packed with great nuggets!


Monday Motivation

Some people wake up on Monday dreading to get out of bed. They hit the alarm clock over and over again! Sound familiar?

While others are up before the alarm goes off and can’t wait to welcome bel new opportunities and connections!

Which category do you fit in? It’s okay to be honest here. Your safe from any judgements.

I really believe you got to love what your doing.

In some cases, maybe your just not a morning person like me. I hate to admit it. I am guilty of ignoring the alarm clock. In my case, I do love my work and feel some of my best productivity happens later in the day into wee hours of the night into the morning hours.

When I do get up early, it’s because I am well rested and excited to get my day going.

If you find yourself hating to get up in the morning a little Monday Motivation can’t hurt right?

Wishing you a great Monday and week ahead.

Sharon R. 😉

Friday’s Quote…

The Struggle Is Real.

We all know the struggle is real in business.

When the times get tough, you just have to push through.

This will pass and you will have learned something from this experience that will only make you stronger to handle your next struggle.

There will always be struggles in your business and personal life as well.

Stay strong and determined to weather any storm.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

Sharon 😉