Friday’s Quote…

The Struggle Is Real.

We all know the struggle is real in business.

When the times get tough, you just have to push through.

This will pass and you will have learned something from this experience that will only make you stronger to handle your next struggle.

There will always be struggles in your business and personal life as well.

Stay strong and determined to weather any storm.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

Sharon 😉


What’s The #1 Thing Holding You Back?

By Matt Morris

For most, and especially in network marketing, it’s fear.
Fear of rejection is the biggest one in our profession. And before you go on saying you’re don’t have fear, consider this…
If you sincerely had no fear, you would have already talked to everyone in your life about whatever products you’re selling. (That is IF you really believe in them)
So what to do about it?
Well, I was listening to my friend Myron Golden today and here’s how he defines fear…
Fear is caution for a real and present danger.
Most fear isn’t real at all… it’s really anxiety which is caution over an imagined and future danger.
The “danger” being worried about what people think or how they’ll respond.
Maybe they’ll laugh at me? Maybe they’ll look down on me? Maybe they’ll talk behind my back? All things you completely make up in your head.
Myron’s advice, which I love, is to convert that anxiety to positive anticipation.
Since the anxiety is something you just literally make up in your head, why not make up something positive?
When you prospect the right way, here’s how it should go down…
Whether they buy your product or not, your anticipated outcome should be to strengthen your relationship with the other person.
Instead of thinking they will react negatively, have faith that they will not only admire you for having the courage to pursue your business to achieve your goals and dreams, but they’ll actually appreciate you for reaching out to them.
Doesn’t that sound a lot better than worrying about rejection?
I’ll show you how I’ve done this for almost the past almost 2 decades without ever losing a friend. It’s pretty simple… just follow these points:
• Be cool! Let them know it may or may not be for them up front and don’t ram your products or opportunity up their ass.
• Spend time hearing about them and what’s going on in their life.
• Let them know how much you genuinely appreciate their friendship and let them know how much it means to you that they took a look. And this is the key – whether they buy or not.
When you follow these simple 3 points, not only will you deepen your friendship, you might actually end up with a new customer or better yet, a new customer and business associate!
So, my friend, stop wasting today’s energy worrying about an imaginary problem.
Fear, when it comes to prospecting, is an imaginary emotion you make up in your mind. So decide to make up anticipation instead!
Now , go make that call you’ve been procrastinating on. Do it now!
In closing , I hope your enjoyed Matts’s article. I truly love Matt’s drive and passion.
In fact, I am being coached by Matt Morris in his Millionaire School! I can’t get enough of his knowledge. He keeps me centered and focused.

Signing off until next time… Sharon 🙂

Today’s Quote…

In the beginning, If your not working hard or hardly working ,your won’t be able to enjoy your dream lifestyle.

Success does not happen overnight.

Push yourself to show up everyday early and make sure you put in the work.

Millionaire Lifestyle…

You can live this lifestyle.

Don’t Quit.

Keep pushing yourself forward.

Success is right around the corner.

You can feel it, taste it, smell it, and dream it.

It’s yours for the taking.

Now go after it. It’s yours!

Signing off until next time…

Sharon 😉

Courage Does Not Always Roar


Someone with courage is bold and brave, unafraid to face tough challenges. …

Having courage means acting when others are afraid of the danger, or simply acting without fear of failure.

As the American poet Robert Frost advised, “Have courage and a little willingness to venture and be defeated.”

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3 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams – From Can’t to Done

Author: DoLearnRepeat

Ever feel like you can’t do something? 

Some people combat that feeling by saying “everything is possible” or that “you can do anything you set your mind to.” 

I’d like to see those people fly to the sun… under their own power… naked… and be home in time for dinner. 

Probably not gonna happen. So there are some things you probably can’t do… but the question is how many of your “can’t”s are real? 

Here’s a little exercise for you. 

1) Write down your top 5 “can’t”s… things that you would like to do but can’t right now. 

2) For each, ask yourself if you could do it for 10 million dollars. That is… maybe you feel like you can’t write a book because you don’t have time, but could you do it if you were guaranteed 10 million bucks upon completion? 

For each one that you could do for 10 million bucks, it’s not really a can’t but a won’t. 

That is, it doesn’t defy the laws of physics and you could achieve it with proper incentive. 

The 10 million dollar question is an incredible tool that you should use often to test your “can’t”s. 

So once you’ve changed some of your “can’t”s into “won’t”s, where should you go from here? 

First, it’s important to realize that “won’t” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Maybe you have other priorities or aren’t willing to pay the price to turn a won’t into reality right now. 

But for those things you want bad enough but just haven’t found the time or energy, the next step is to turn those “won’t”s into “should”s. 

Once you have a list of things you should do, you’re almost there!

The final piece of the puzzle is to turn your “should”s into “must”s. Something you should is likely to be put off indefinitely. But things that MUST get done tend to get done. 

If you must eat, you eat. If you must pay your mortgage, you pay it (even if it’s late). If you must improve your relationship, it improves. If you must learn guitar, you learn it. 

Prioritize your musts as if your life depends on it… because in many ways it does… at least the quality of it. 

The other beauty of must is it makes things easy. I used to try not to eat too much fast food. It was torture… every time I passed by a fast food joint I would battle with myself about whether to go in or what to order.

But now that I’m 100% committed to not eating junk food… I don’t wrestle, I don’t struggle… I simply drive by or order the healthiest thing on the menu. I thought it would be a struggle, but it’s actually much easier now. 

Let’s recap…

Can’t → Won’t

1) Write down your top 5 “can’t”s… things that you would like to do but can’t right now. 

2) Use the 10 million dollar rule. For each, ask yourself if you could do it for 10 million dollars. 

Won’t → Should

A won’t that you want bad enough and think will be good for you is a should. If you want it bad enough, you should do it. 

Should → Must

The final piece of the puzzle is to turn your “should”s into “must”s. Something you should is likely to be put off indefinitely. But things that must get done tend to get done. 

Just remember – “should” is incredibly hard and often gets put off… 99% committed is difficult. 100% committed is relatively easy. So commit yourself fully to a must or two. Decide and cut off all possibility of not doing it. 

Give it a try, and don’t wait. Do it NOW. 

Write down your “can’t”s, change them to “won’t”s and then “should”s. Finally, turn them into “must”s and make small, specific, measurable steps to get there. 

Take that first step now, and I’ll see you at the top!