Author Matt Morris

Imagine with me for a moment…

You’re just finishing presenting your opportunity to a great prospect…

You feel excited and nervous at the same time wondering what they’re going to say.

You courageously ask…

“Are you ready to get started?”

“I would love to…” says your prospect with excitement.

“I know a ton of people who will join me with this. We are going to CRUSH this together. The only thing is, right now I don’t have the money to join… (insert story about losing their job, unexpected bills, etc)”

Your heart goes out to them as they share their situation.

“If you can just pay my way in, I’m positive I can sponsor 10 people in the next couple weeks. Can you help me out?”

Because you have a big heart, and you’re thinking about your business finally starting to grow with the 10 people they’re going to sponsor, everything in you wants to say yes and pay their way in.

Here’s the challenge…

In 25 years of doing MLM, I’ve almost NEVER seen it work.

Sure there has been the rare occasion where it’s worked, (like getting struck by lightening rare) but that’s a tiny few out of 2 million people in my organizations.

When I get this question asked in Q&A sessions that I’ve done all over the world, I ask the audience…

“How many of you have paid someone’s way in?”

Lots of hands go up.

“Keep your hands up if it’s worked out.”

All the hands go down.

I’m telling you it’s a less than 1% success rate paying someone’s way in.

If they don’t have enough of a commitment to come up with the money on their own, they will not have enough of a commitment to make sales on their own.

When you pay someone’s way into your MLM, they have no skin in the game. Which means no commitment, no action, and no success.

I know you have a big heart and you want to help. But you’re not doing them any favors by paying their way in. In fact, you’re crippling them.

It’s kind of like the old saying…

Treat someone like a child and they’ll act like a child.

Rather than accept their sob story about not having the money, (treating them like a child) take a stand for them being powerful.

“Mary, I hear you. But without any skin in the game, this doesn’t work. Here’s what I think is true. You’re powerful enough to come up with the money in the next 24 hours…

…and when you sponsor those 10 people, you’ll earn way more than the cost to get started. Are you willing to step up to the challenge and be powerful?”

If she says “no” and is not powerful enough to come up with the money to get started, she will never be powerful enough to sponsor 10 people.

Listen, I’ve made this mistake myself. I made it several times early in my career. I lost my money every time.

Remember this little poem I heard from my friend Byron Schrag:

I once had a friend and some money.

I loaned my friend my money.

Now I have no friend and no money.

I know it’s tempting. But your temptation is a weak stance as a leader.

Don’t be weak.

If you want a strong business – be strong and believe in the strength of others.

When you accept their weakness by paying their way in, you enable them to stay that way.

Hold people to a higher standard. Do what great leaders do and believe in them more than they believe in themselves.

I hope this help those in Network Marketing/MLM to think about this post before you decide to sponsor someone financially. 🙂