This giving season is a critical time to support social good for businesses and nonprofits, and Facebook is launching a website of resources and tools to help businesses advance their social impact. Our mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, and we know that social good is inextricably linked to that mission, as we build products and services for businesses to advance meaningful change that lasts.

“We’ve seen businesses of all sizes accelerate social good in recent years,” says Arielle Gross Samuels, Head of Global Business Strategy and Engagement at Facebook. “From connecting with communities about causes that matter most to committing actions around safer and more sustainable practices, businesses have stepped up to leave the world a better place for future generations.”

There’s an opportunity for businesses to drive meaningful change through social good, and consumers are increasingly looking to brands to drive that change. BOMBAS is an example of purpose-driven brand. This year they launched a Pride campaign directing donations to LGBTQIA+ homeless youth.

Social good can look different for every business, from companies whose business models are entirely focused on it, to companies with more recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. No matter what path companies take on the road to social good, they’re embracing a universal truth: Social good is good for everyone.

It’s good for the economy, relationships with customers, the community and for your business. 28% of shoppers surveyed across 12 key markets encouraged others to buy a product after learning about a business’ values, causes or practices, on average.

Let’s say you’ve made the commitment to dedicate your business to advancing social good. That’s a crucial step in the process. The next step is learning how to follow through in a meaningful way, and Facebook can help.

We designed our new social good website to help businesses achieve their purpose and change the world. From insights and inspiration to programs and resources, you can use this site to learn how your business can make an impact in a few ways:

1. Build a community for a cause: Leverage native platform tools in order to have a positive impact at scale.

2 . Amplify your brand and impact: Learn how to build your brand awareness, sell products with a purpose and start a conversation that drives action.

3 . Show up where and when it matters: Connect more deeply with communities and customers by identifying relevant moments that are important to your business.

By serving communities, building new capabilities and unlocking potential, businesses will shape our world for the better.

Bookmark the site to learn about Facebook’s tools and products to unlock social good that works for your business, your customers and the world.