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Written by Victoria Kurichenko

If you have ever tried to promote your product or service, you most probably spied on your competitors. Yes, it’s fine and all companies should do it to know their competitor’s behavior and gain fresh ideas for their business growth.

This time I want to share an easy way to check your rival’s ad creatives on Facebook. Why is it useful? I have a decent answer for you.

You will know what your competitors advertise, what images and creatives they use, how they appeal to the target audience. You will also know how many creatives they test at once, which platforms they advertise on and when the ads went live.

Excited? Let’s see how you can do it.

How to Check Facebook Ads in Three Easy Steps

Do you already know your competitors’ names? Great! But if not, insert your website URL in SimilarWeb checker and scroll the page down to see the sites similar to yours.

This time I will show you the whole process using the Body Shop website as an example. SimilarWeb is just one easy way to discover your competitors. Here is a useful source to learn more about the competitor research and tools.

Check your competitors via SimilarWeb. Image courtesy of the author

1. Find a Competitor Facebook Business Page

Once you have a list of brand names you are interested to explore, open Facebook, and search for a brand business page.

Here is how a Facebook business page looks like for the lovely Body Shop brand. I found it via a simple search.

Body Shop Hungary Facebook Business page. Image courtesy of the author

2. Navigate to the Page Transparency Section

Scroll down the page to find the “Page transparency” section. Facebook shows quite a lot of information about the business owner to let you better understand the purpose of the page.

This information is a gold mine for marketing managers, who can look behind the curtains of what is going on with the brand social media activities.

Page transparency details on Facebook. Image courtesy of the author

The image above shows you the business page details. This is the Body Shop local page for the Hungarian market, but the brand itself is British. You can see that eight people in Hungary manage the page, as well as one person in the UK, who has access to it.

What a surprise! Body Shop Hungary runs ads. Let’s go to the Ad library and check the ads.

3. Open Facebook Ad Library to See the Ads

Facebook Ad library contains quite a lot of information about the ads. Let’s see what I’ve discovered for the Hungarian Body Shop business page.

Body Shop Ads displayed in the Facebook Ad library. Image courtesy of the author

What kind of useful information could you find there? As a marketer, I would say a lot!

See the number five in the upper left corner? The number indicates how many different ad versions are running. Moreover, the number is clickable and I urge you to open and check all five ad variations.

The ad has started running today, on the 26th of June (what a coincidence). By knowing the ad starting date you can estimate how long your rivals run ads and how early they start promotion.

What else can you see? The brand targets users across multiple platforms by showing ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Messanger. Body Shop did not target me with these ads yet, but I guess I will shortly start seeing these ads in my news feed everywhere.

Apart from the ad copy and the image you can also see that the SMM manager uses dynamic ad creatives to run multiple ads and define the best performing creative that will be later on used in the campaign optimization.

Last, but not the least, you can also see all ad creatives if you click on “See Ad details.”

Are There Alternative Options to Check Facebook Ads?

Sure, definitely! I honestly like checking the ads via Facebook Ad Library, but some tools can help you do it as well.

  • Facebook Ad Examples from Adespresso
  • BigSpy
  • SocialPeta

Some of the tools are paid, so its worth checking their free trial before subscribing to their paid plans.

Creativity is what people are seeking and ready to pay for these days. In some cases, it might be difficult to come up with a solution that would 100% appeal to the brand target audience.

What to do in this case? Search for inspiration from others. I’ve heard a lot that checking other brand’s creatives, landing page content, and design, marketing strategy is a bad idea since you will intuitively copy their solutions.

I honestly do not agree with this statement. In fact, developing a solution for your brand without checking competitors might be even more harmful, since your message, value proposition or a website design might be far less appealing. This is dangerous.

Pablo Picasso once said:

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”

Steal like an artist, explore your rivals, write down the best ideas, come up with even better solutions, test them, and help your business flourish day-by-day.

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