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The holiday season is an exciting time of year for businesses. However, the holiday rush stretches their resources thin as some businesses try to meet the high demand. For others, work has slowed down considerably and won’t pick up again until spring.

Whether your workload rises or falls this holiday season, scheduling out your business responsibilities will help you make the most of the winter months. The following tips can help you organize your efforts, manage your time, and execute plans needed for holiday success:

Plan In Advance

Your holiday scheduling should start well before the snow begins to fall. There are many things you need to get in order in advance that will make the holiday season so much easier to handle. So start making your plan as soon as possible.

All of your shipping should be done now—that’s one of the best things you can plan in advance. Stocking up in advance can get you what you need without backorders and shortages cutting off your supply. Any other infrastructure adjustments you can think of should also go into this plan.

Make a Daily Checklist

Each day, set a checklist of things you want to accomplish for that day. Your checklist can include any scheduled appointments you have, sales calls to make, or logistical tasks that need to be completed. You can have a checklist for the entire team—or you can break it down for each individual employee.

For busy companies, this will help break down the workload into more manageable doses. It also ensures that nothing falls through the cracks due to the high intensity of the season.

For companies that are slow going this time of year, a checklist can provide some tasks to be completed when there’s no other work to be done. So start making checklists for deep cleans, organizational overhauls, and new year planning.

Pin Down Your Employees’ Scheduling

Getting your team’s work schedules in sync will get your company to hit the ground running each and every day. Reducing scheduling confusion and making sure every day is well-staffed will take care of many holiday headaches.

Businesses with high demand levels will need to make sure that enough employees are scheduled each day to take on the workload. They can even consider hiring seasonal employees to take some of the strain off regular employees who don’t want to work too much overtime.

When the holiday season slows to a standstill, you can consider adjusting your employee scheduling to give your workers more time off. If there’s no need to have a full staff clock in each day, you can cut costs by offering some extra vacation time to your employees.

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