Need to do more with social video? 

Wondering how to increase the quality of your videos?
In this article, you’ll discover practical tips to produce polished videos that perform well on social media.
#1: Look Better on Camera I’m sure you’ve seen many social media videos where the person is looking down at the camera, which is the ultimate engagement killer.
Here are a few tips to make sure you shine on camera. Camera Position If you want to look really bad on a webcam, look down at it. The fastest, most effective way to look better is to get your camera/webcam above your eye line, looking down slightly. This eliminates double chins and nasal hair. For laptops and mobile devices, looking up slightly means you’re actually looking more at the user as they stare down at you. (It won’t look as odd on desktops, at the same time.)

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How to produce high quality videos