By Mindy Napier

A key to all success in life lies in being able to answer this question – ” How to create a mindset for success?”

Furthermore, how to then be equipped with tools that help you take action to achieve, be, do and have more in your life, is essential. In another article, I talk more about what actually a Mindset for Success is. Briefly, it’s your attitude you hold about life, yourself and others. Are you generally a positive person or do you worry and focus on the negative?

In addition, your attitude is shaped by your experiences, beliefs, values, memories and how you feel about life. Most of this is invisible and hides away as energy in your subconscious mind. Moreover, as your subconscious mind influences about 93% of your behaviours and is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind, your results are a reflection of this deeper energy.

It then follows, a key to creating a Mindset for Success lies in exploring and becoming aware of what is going on in your subconscious mind.

You are a creature of habit and comfort

Humans are creatures of habit and tend to slip back into the comfortable way of doing things. Furthermore, your habits are run in your subconscious mind which is outside your conscious awareness. Consequently, changing unhelpful habits and creating helpful and healthy habits is key.

This way, when you fall back into habit mode, you will naturally operate from habits that support your goals. Moreover, habits are the cornerstone of your results. Good and bad. Finally, most of the choices you make each day are a string of habits, not as you may think, the products of well-considered decisions.

‘We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.’ John Dryden

How to create a mindset for success is answered in part by the usefulness of your habits

Your habits shape your results, and while each habit may be insignificant on its own, the sum of your habits will determine your destiny. Moreover, the way you organise your thoughts and create your routines have a huge impact on your health, wealth, success and happiness. Therefore, it is critical to understand exactly how to create a Mindset for Success.

Another critical key in how to create a Mindset for Success lies in managing your emotional state. First of all, you are fundamentally driven by your emotions, how you feel. As a result, you are generally motivated away from pain, feeling uncomfortable, towards pleasure, feeling good. If your goals are too lofty and result in you having to take a big step outside your comfort zone, you are likely to fail.

This is because, just like a thermostat works, your innate hard-wiring, will pull you back towards your current comfort zone. Furthermore, it is programmed to keep you safe and comfortable at all costs. More reasons to start small and maintain consistent action. Moreover, this is the key to learn how to do the things we know are good for us, whether or not we feel like it.

Here is how to create a Mindset for Success

So, let’s look at how to create a Mindset for Sucess, one where there is sequence and simplicity. Moreover, one which you can easily remember and one which will help you keep moving forward. The word FORWARD is easy to understand- it has movement and is helpful in the example below, for getting into exercise.

‘Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.’ Makia – Huna philosophy


It is absolutely critical to understand how important your focus really is. What you focus on expands and determines your results. Whatever you concentrate your conscious thinking upon, will grow in your reality. This works on the positive as well as on the negative side. Many people focus on what they don’t want, rather than what they do want. An example of this is ‘I want to lose weight as I don’t want to be fat anymore and I want to stop feeling tired.‘

This means the source of the motivation is away from what you don’t want. Even though it can be helpful at the start, over a longer period it is harder to keep forward momentum. As you start to loose weight, the motivation lessens. It is way more useful to frame it towards what you want to achieve and create lasting results. Similarly, it is helpful to really consider all the reasons you want to embrace exercise into your life. Write down all the benefits that exercising will give you and then ask, “why it is important?”

Writing your goal using language in the direction of what you want, is critical in the pursuit of goals

GOAL: ‘I want to exercise to increase my fitness by thirty percent.’

WHY? ‘To look good, fit into ‘slim’ clothes, feel more energetic and keep up with the grandchildren.’

Now you are channelling the energy of your mind and attention towards what you want. Start to observe your thoughts and whenever you catch yourself thinking about what you don’t want, replace it with a thought focusing on what you want instead.

In conclusion, your focus is probably the most critical ingredient to creating a mindset for success.

Take time to get clear on your why, as your why is ultimately your driver on the road to success


Knowing why you want what you want in life is paramount. Having clarity as to what you want and then understanding why you want it is key. The next step is to organise your thoughts around your goal into a clear and succinct statement and a picture of it in your mind. Moreover, doing this with all your goals and having fun drawing your own version of what you want, helps you connect to your goals. Imagine it’ being a few months down the track and having achieved your exercise goals.

Following this, get in touch with that very moment. What are you doing, seeing, hearing and feeling? Create a clear picture in your mind. Do this every day to help keep your focus in the right direction and to inspire yourself to do what’s necessary.

Connecting with your vision and your why is a key component of how to create a mindset for success.

Small steps are key for big results and in how to create a Mindset for Success


Small steps are the best way to create lasting change. Creating simple daily rituals in your day will be much more pleasant than scheduling arduous blocks of ‘have to do’ exercise routines. If you have never exercised before, don’t plan to walk every day. Instead, make a commitment to walk twice a week. Choose a frequency that feels achievable. Consider making Sunday morning time for a family walk, or a walk with a friend. Get creative and think of fun things rather than boring tedious tasks.

Increase the frequency of your exercise once you get going. Remember, most people overestimate what they can do in the short term and underestimate what they can do in the long term. Starting small will increase your chances of success, and help you be consistent, a vital ingredient for all success.

Most importantly, you will prove to yourself that you are reliable and can do what you say you will do.

Schedule the actions that will help you achieve your goals into your diary


Take time to schedule your action steps in a diary. Make them as important as your work and family commitments. Share your exercise goals with someone else to increase your chances of success. Consider finding a friend or partner to walk or exercise with, join a group or go to the hundreds of free Park Run’s held around Australia every Saturday. With support and camaraderie, it will be easier to keep going – consistency is a key element in how to create a mindset for success.


Be alert in advance of where you may sabotage your goals and intentions. This is a great step towards failing and to keep on track. If you know you have a big day at work and the thought of exercising stirs up your mental monsters, recognise and write down all the excuses and reasons why you may not exercise. Then, write down three counter-strategies, actions to overcome these possible saboteurs. Furthermore, if you know you might not feel like exercising when the alarm goes off, commit the night before. Most importantly, put your shoes and exercise gear beside the bed. This is the best way to avoid failing.

Remember to acknowledge your successes, however small


Rewarding yourself by celebrating your successes will help you keep building and discovering how to create a mindset for success. Moreover, when you acknowledge your wins your brain will send you a shot of serotonin. Furthermore, serotonin – a feel-good chemical – will enhance your achievements to date and adds fuel to continue. Importantly, this helps build belief and confidence, essential keys that athletes have in their pursuit of winning and creating a champion mindset.


Success and achievement are supported by taking time to reflect and review. Debriefing the journey each week; stopping and taking time to reflect on what went well, what needs improving or changing helps steer yourself in the right direction. If you only exercised once last week instead of three times, don’t beat yourself up. Reconnect to your why, discover what went wrong and re-prioritise. Make this week’s exercise rituals non-negotiable.

Remember, having an advance strategy ensures you are set for success and being flexible, is a key component in the quest in creating a mindset for success.

Use these principles to move FORWARD in your business and life

In conclusion, committing to remembering the word FORWARD and the steps involved will help you accomplish more and create your own mindset for success. Action is the fastest way to build confidence and action creates results. Ultimately the measure of most success is by the actions taken. When you combine attitude and your mindset, with a clear strategy and intentional action, you are well on your way to understanding, at the deepest level, exactly how to create a mindset for success.


Known as the ‘Mindset Alchemist,’ Mandy Napier is a Global High Performance Mindset Coach, Speaker, Educator, and Author of ‘Creating Healthy Life Habits’.