By Matt Morris

Here’s an important truth about closing you need to know…

“A prospect senses neediness like a dog smells fear.”

Today, I’m going to give you a quote that will help you turn that sense of neediness around.

But first a confession:

Before mastering the art & science of closing and making thousands of personal sales in my career…

I sucked.


I used to be so desperate for a sale, I exuded desperation.

I was pathetic.

I couldn’t close a screen door.

It was amazingly frustrating because I studied sales books and felt like I was doing what they told me to do.

• I was enthusiastic and excited

• I presenting the benefits and not just the features of my product

• I was knowledgeable about my product and opportunity

• I asked for the sale

Unfortunately, most sales books don’t talk about what’s as important, and in many cases more important, (especially as it relates to network marketing) when it comes to closing a sale.

What am I referring to?

It’s how you operate energetically as it relates to your prospect.

And I’m not talking about you being hyped up and excited. When I say energetically, in this case, I’m referring to your posture.

AKA your swagger!

Here’s what you need to know…

If your prospect senses that you need to make a sale more than they need your product or opportunity, they are very unlikely to buy.

Neediness is like bug repellant to your prospect. Even if they consciously want your product or opportunity, if they sense that you’re needy for a sale, it subconsciously blocks them from taking action.

Now, here’s that quote I promised earlier…

“Never ‘sell’, always give the opportunity to buy.”

This may sound counter-intuitive because I often make fun of the airy-fairy MLM trainers (who by the way have never really made any big money in MLM) who preach “We don’t sell, we share!”

So don’t take this the wrong way. It’s our moral obligation to sell when we have a product/service/opportunity that helps people.

I’m not saying not to sell…

…But energetically, your posture needs to be much more about giving your prospect an opportunity than it is about giving you a commission from making a sale.

If the prospect senses for a second, it’s more about you making a commission, improving your life, or anything about YOU, they will rarely buy.

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