Marketing Sales Incentives

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Many business owners and entrepreneurs are very busy, that’s a well known fact!

Most don’t have the time to look at everything that gets thrown at them on a daily basis such as phone calls, Soliciting, emails, walk-Ins and a slew of junk mail.

Sound familiar?

My point is this, once in awhile it really helps business owners and entrepreneurs to know what is really valuable for them to review for their business marketing.

The best marketing strategy I have run across in awhile is known as Marketing Sales Incentives.

Marketing sales incentives are have not been discovered therefore they are not being used as often as they should be. Recently more and more businesses are using them.


Because marketing sales incentives simply work, deliver proven results at an affordable price point.

If it is done the right way, your business can grow sales significantly while attracting more prospects and customers right to you, without increasing your ad spend!

I’ve discovered this one Company who specializes in Marketing Sales Incentives who have mastered this with perfection!

My goal is to introduce this Company to as many businesses and entrepreneurs because in my humble opinion, they deserve the recognition and your valuable attention thus saving you time and money!

What do they offer?

They offer high quality Vacations, Dinning Certificates as well as Hotel Gift Cards for both the you, the Business Owner and their Clients/Customers!

Sounds amazing right?

Wait…There’s more! They also have mastermind trainings to help you grow your business and a full back office of marketing resources to propel your business such as Facebook AdS Training, Done for you Sales Funnels, Videos, Banners that are specific to your business.

Here’s the good news…

This program works with ANY Industry you have, it doesn’t matter!

If you are interested in growing your sales and gaining more prospects and clients/customers, as I would highly recommend exploring Marketing Sales Incentives for your business!

You can take them for a test drive below with their generous offer.

7 Day Complimentary Free Trial

*Disclaimer: Any article link that you may click on this blog will present you with an offer in which you may decide to purchase. In this case, I may receive a small commission for this action, which helps maintain and keep this blog running smoothly.


10 Ways to Make Life Easier for Bloggers with Limited Time and Writing Ability

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Marketing experts agree that blogging consistently is a sure-fire way to get your site well indexed by the search engines and get those oh-so-important backlinks for your site. But let’s face the reality. Coming up with fresh interesting blog content 365 days a year is darn difficult. You know it’s important but getting started is so hard. You understand you need the value that blogging provides from search engines gobbling up your content. But how? ! How do you come up with fresh blog content and find the time. Here’s some ideas to make your life easier but also to get better results for your efforts.

Ok, you know you are supposed to blog right?

1. Blog about what you know or are passionate about so the words stream from your keyboard rather then having to struggle to spit out the words and put sentences together. It’s always easier to talk about something you know or care about or that is controversial,  then technical or dry topics.

2. You don’t have to be an expert (unless you really are an expert and can offer expert content on a specific topic). Write about specifics if you can, generalities if you have to, but write about something!

3. You don’t have to be a blogger who writes with grammatical perfection. Your English teacher is not reading your blog. Stop thinking that the world is going to judge you critically if you misspell a word or don’t know all the rules of grammar. Of course you want your blog to be as good as it can be, but don’t let the quest for perfection make a 20 minute blog post take you hours to complete, or worse – never finish!

4. Ideally, to get the most benefit from search engines indexing your blog, you want to blog about topics related to your products, service or business. But that can be really tough to write about just one subject every day. Try spacing out your blogs so that some are on topic for your purpose, while others are off topic, or about current events. Add in your Resource Box at the end of every post (see point 7 below).

5. Keep your blog posts short. Keep your blog to the point, itemize, organize, number points if you have to. Do what you have to do make it easy and quick for you to write and easy and quick for your readers to digest. Sometimes less is more.

6. Let the world around you be your inspiration for blogs topics. This can include songs, newspaper headlines, nature, current events, other bloggers, daily happenings in the course of your life, things your kids say or do. Get the idea. There are NO limits. If you have a specific topic based blog (niche blog) post only content related to that topic to get the best search engine ranking. Use key words in your blogs in a natural way so that reader can find you more easily  and search engines index your site as having strong matches for your key words.  

7. Always, conclude your post with a Resource Box or Author info section with every blog. Why? So that your contact info and identifying information is tagged with EVERY blog post and not tucked away on an About page. Ensure that your Resource Box includes your name, contact details, areas of expertise, and link to your site or landing page. It is also a good idea to weave your optimal key words into your Resource Box. This way the key words you want people to find you with are associated with your blog, your name, and your company. This proves beneficial if you write about something not directly related to your business, products or services, you still get the benefit of the key word content about yourself, and a backlink to your site, or landing page.

8. Sometimes it helps to start with a really catchy Blog title. Take a lesson from the newspapers. They construct clever eye-grabbing attention getting headlines to draw you in. Start with a really bold, in your face, descriptive or reaction provoking headline to get immediate attention. Then let your content come forth from the headline. Your title can make a huge difference in getting readership and in getting search engine ranking. Key word specific titles are recommended.

9. Set a goal to blog on a regular basis. If you can’t blog every day, then do it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Set exact dates and times that work for you. If you don’t you will always find some other distraction to convince yourself is more important. Set a goal, stick to it, do it!

10. Make the most of the time you have spent on your blog by then tweeting it, posting it to Linked In, adding to your Facebook profile and other social media sites. Maximize the power of the time you spent blogging by utilizing social media to spread the message to other sites. You can use automated tools to do this to save time. Include links to your social media sites on your blog itself for even more exposure, sharing, likes and more.

I found the LAZY BLOGGER software included in one of my favorite programs. It’s included with both the Silver Membership or our Platinum level to save enormous time when blogging.

Final point. Some of you who aren’t good writers, are good VIDEO Bloggers. So in addition to written blogs, do some brief video blog posts. The same principles and guidelines shared above apply equally well to video blogging.

Nevertheless, you can find limitless resources here beyond the lazy blogger.

P.S. Look for the Goodie Bag!

By Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., LMFT

Helping Others…

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Friday’s Quote…

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The Struggle Is Real.

We all know the struggle is real in business.

When the times get tough, you just have to push through.

This will pass and you will have learned something from this experience that will only make you stronger to handle your next struggle.

There will always be struggles in your business and personal life as well.

Stay strong and determined to weather any storm.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

Sharon 😉

Quick C@shflow Solutions…

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Quick Cash Flow = ROI

The house was packed with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs as a few of my mentors exposed the #1 simplest, quickest, low-tech, high-profit margin strategy to create C@SHFLOW in ANY business.

We’re talking about a rapid profits method that gets you instant results in your bank account.

And no, it’s not ‘coaching.’

And YES, this works even if you’re brand new and don’t have a huge result…yet.

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This secret method does not take away from what you’re currently building, your products, or your opportunity… in fact, it fuels it!

Here’s the deal…

* If you have any teeny tiny skill or knowledge …

* OR you know how to do ANYTHING your ideal audience could want to learn…

* OR you could learn a simple trick or two in the next few days that your audience would want to learn…

You can follow this roadmap to rapid real profits & $ starting today.

== > You Can Grab The Cash Flow Launch Program Here.

And hurry… this game-changing replay won’t be available forever!

Sharon 😉

P.S. What’s really cool is that this proven ‘rapid profits method’ includes a way to get your entire MLSP membership for the next full year… for f.r.e.e… just Click The Link Below and prepare to be dazzled!

== > Last Chance To Grab This Incredible Offer!

45+ email content templates and the complete course to writing great emails.

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All the tools you need to write emails like an expert.

Whether you’re just getting started or want better results from your emails, get the tools, guidance and expertise you need to succeed. Here’s what’s included in this FREE COURSE :
  • More than 45 fill-in-the-blank copy templates. Writing emails has never been easier or faster. Add your info to the blanks in the templates like a game of MadLibs. Then, simply paste the content into your email marketing platform and send.
  • How to write every email you should be sending. Unsure what emails you should send and what to write in them? Learn about the most important ones – like automated emails, survey emails and sale emails.
  • Homework to help you take action. To prevent procrastination and help you apply what you learn, you’ll get manageable homework broken out into simple steps that you can complete in less than 15 minutes.
  • Expert copywriting strategies to optimize your emails. Trying to get more opens, clicks and sales from your current emails? Learn copywriting tricks that’ll catch your audience’s attention and help you surpass your goals.


What’s The #1 Thing Holding You Back?

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By Matt Morris

For most, and especially in network marketing, it’s fear.
Fear of rejection is the biggest one in our profession. And before you go on saying you’re don’t have fear, consider this…
If you sincerely had no fear, you would have already talked to everyone in your life about whatever products you’re selling. (That is IF you really believe in them)
So what to do about it?
Well, I was listening to my friend Myron Golden today and here’s how he defines fear…
Fear is caution for a real and present danger.
Most fear isn’t real at all… it’s really anxiety which is caution over an imagined and future danger.
The “danger” being worried about what people think or how they’ll respond.
Maybe they’ll laugh at me? Maybe they’ll look down on me? Maybe they’ll talk behind my back? All things you completely make up in your head.
Myron’s advice, which I love, is to convert that anxiety to positive anticipation.
Since the anxiety is something you just literally make up in your head, why not make up something positive?
When you prospect the right way, here’s how it should go down…
Whether they buy your product or not, your anticipated outcome should be to strengthen your relationship with the other person.
Instead of thinking they will react negatively, have faith that they will not only admire you for having the courage to pursue your business to achieve your goals and dreams, but they’ll actually appreciate you for reaching out to them.
Doesn’t that sound a lot better than worrying about rejection?
I’ll show you how I’ve done this for almost the past almost 2 decades without ever losing a friend. It’s pretty simple… just follow these points:
• Be cool! Let them know it may or may not be for them up front and don’t ram your products or opportunity up their ass.
• Spend time hearing about them and what’s going on in their life.
• Let them know how much you genuinely appreciate their friendship and let them know how much it means to you that they took a look. And this is the key – whether they buy or not.
When you follow these simple 3 points, not only will you deepen your friendship, you might actually end up with a new customer or better yet, a new customer and business associate!
So, my friend, stop wasting today’s energy worrying about an imaginary problem.
Fear, when it comes to prospecting, is an imaginary emotion you make up in your mind. So decide to make up anticipation instead!
Now , go make that call you’ve been procrastinating on. Do it now!
In closing , I hope your enjoyed Matts’s article. I truly love Matt’s drive and passion.
In fact, I am being coached by Matt Morris in his Millionaire School! I can’t get enough of his knowledge. He keeps me centered and focused.

Signing off until next time… Sharon 🙂