Photo: Sharon Remeikis

Sharon Remeikis is a true entrepreneur at heart with over a decade of expertise in Online Marketing!

Sharon’s true passion is spending time helping other small business owners and entrepreneurs with her individual coaching and mentoring business.

She also spends time focusing on blogging, branding, affiliate, network and social media marketing.

When Sharon is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, family, friends and her three cats. She really loves all animals and would have a farm if it wasn’t so much work and her time would permit.

Sharon enjoys the fine arts, listening to a varity of music which includes classical, country, R and B, smooth jazz and soft rock.

Sharon also loves being on the water which includes sailing, boating, crabbing and trout fishing.

When it comes to eating, Italian, Mexican ane Japanese cuisine along with fine wine tastings to name a few of her interests.

Sharon currently resides in Maryland on the East Coast in the USA.