OK, to get this kicked off – it all starts with…

Productivity Tip #1) Sharpen your saw. The key here is to start improving your skills so you become better and faster at what you do. Use this in all areas of building your business. 

Example would be prospecting. Work on your prospecting skills, and talking to people becomes easier. You’ll get to the point where this becomes second nature for you… and you’ll always have a full-pipeline.

Productivity Tip #2) Limited time with prospects. Look to connect with your prospects on a meaningful level… in the shortest time possible. This simply means not a lot of chit-chat. 

This will allow you to full-up your pipeline in less time than it used to take. 

Productivity Tip #3) Treating every single day as if you were going on vacation tomorrow. Every go on vacation and notice how the day before you’re doing 100 things to get ready? 

You want to look at everyday the same way… think of it like controlled chaos.

Becoming An Elite Network Marketing Professional

Productivity Tip #4)Preparation. You want to always be prepared for prospecting activities. There are TWO types of prospecting. The first one is active prospecting. 

Here you’re making calls, and getting after it. The second type is passive prospecting. Here your radar is up and you’re always looking for cues to connect with someone. You always want to make sure you’re prepared as well. 

Notepad, laptop… whatever you need to keep things rolling in your business. 

Productivity Tip #5) Power hours for prospecting. Schedule it, work it and knock it out everyday. This allows you to build momentum, and it’s the fuel of your business.

Productivity Tip #6) Work on your mindset so you’re fueling your thoughts positively. This is great to do when you’re on downtime. Grab a book, or listen to an audio training. 

The key with this is to keep the weeds out of the mental garden.

Stay fearless,