In 2017, 80% of Americans shopped online at least monthly. Having a website to showcase your services or products is pivotal in remaining commercially competitive in the 21st century. That said, if nobody is visiting your website to browse your products or services, it might as well not exist.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Take a look at the following 25 ways to get more people to your website.

Use Social Media to Attract Visitors

Use social media to promote your website and attract visitors. Post interesting and engaging content on social media with a link to your website, to encourage people to head to your site.

Ensure Your Site is Search Engine Optimized

Optimizing your site by using the right keywords and regularly updating it with fresh content will help it rank better on the search engines, boosting your organic traffic.

Have a Blog on Your Site and Regularly Update It

Having a blog on your website is one of the most effective ways to build engagement with your brand and encourage people to visit your site. Regularly update your blog with informative, entertaining and engaging content to encourage visitors to keep returning to your site.

Use Pay Per Click Campaigns

As online marketing influencer Neil Patel notes, one of the basic ways to drive traffic to a business website is through paid campaigns. PPC, where you bid on different types of keywords, is an easy way to promote your website to an audience who might not otherwise see it.

Use Business Cards for Offline Promotion

Good old-fashioned business cards are by no means dead and buried. Handing out business cards with details of your site’s URL printed on them at every opportunity to lure prospects to your site, is one of the most cost-effective offline marketing strategies.

Visit Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to promote your brand, build your network and attract prospects. Use trade shows as a means of handing out fliers and business cards, which has details of your website on them.

Use Influencer Marketing to Attract Traffic

Influencer marketing, whereby an influential individual in your niche with hordes of followers deliberately promotes your brand, products or services, is a proven way for businesses to attract people to their website.

Include Your Web Address on Branded Uniforms

If your business requires branded uniforms, utilize employees’ uniforms to the maximum by including your website address on branded shirts and jackets.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

A record amount of digital traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Ensure your website is navigational from the likes of smartphones and tablets, by using mobile friendly web design.

Guest Blog on Other Sites

Rather than limiting new blogs to your own site, aim to get them published as guest blogs on other sites. Having links to your website on credible sites with high Domain Authority (DA), is a great way to boost your SEO and the organic traffic to your site.

Invite Other People to Guest Blog on Your Site

Inviting others to post high-quality and engaging articles that are void of spammy links on your website, is a great way to increase traffic to your site, as the author of the guest blogs are likely to share the content and build up rapport with your brand.

Post Content on LinkedIn Pulse

Drive targeted business traffic to your site by posting unique and engaging content on LinkedIn Pulse.

Display Your Website Details in Your Office or Shop Window

Promote your site’s URL to those passing by your shop or office by simply displaying your web address in the window – an incredibly simple and cost-effective marketing tactic.

Use Car Wraps to Promote Your URL

Ensure your vehicle acts as marketing pedestal to every passer-by by wrapping it with your business’s logo and your website’s URL.

Advertise in Print Media

With 17% of small businesses still advertising regularly in newspaper, print advertising is by no means dead. Use the likes of newspapers and magazines to advertise your business, including details of your website to encourage readers to visit your site.

Use Direct Mail Campaigns

Leaving promotional material on coffee tables in waiting rooms and posting it through letter boxes that includes your URL can be a highly successful way to alert prospects to your website.

Publish Interviews with Thought Leaders on Your Website

Publishing interviews or commentary from leading figures in your market can be a great way to encourage people to head to your site and boost its credibility.

Be Interviewed for Other Sites

By the same token, why not start doing interviews yourself as a thought leader in your industry to help raise your online credibility and presence and attract people to your site?

Attend Networking Events

Networking brings a multitude of benefits to small businesses, including the opportunity to promote your website to the right audience.

Place Internal Links on Your Site

When publishing content on your website, use relevant and credible internal links in the content to help boost your SEO and make the content a more useful experience for the reader – a key attribute in increasing website traffic.

Publish Original Research on Your Site

Original research helps drive traffic to a website, so endeavor to get your hands on research that’s not available anywhere else, whether it’s through webinars, whitepapers or how-tos.

Fine-Tune Existing Content

Does the existing content on your website ‘make the grade’ in terms of being readable and engaging to visitors? Tweaking the content on your site so it’s more engaging, promotional (but not spammy) and has a healthy scattering of relevant keywords, will be an effective way to help increase traffic to your site.

Advertise on Local Radio

Advertising on local radio stations remains an effective way to promote your website to a local audience.

Upgrade Old Blogs

Putting fresh life into old blogs by making them relevant to today and to your target audiences can be a cost-effective and simple way to improve your SEO and increase traffic to your site.

Use YouTube to Promote Your Site

YouTube has positioned itself as a respected social site for small businesses. Post creative videos on YouTube to encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Don’t forget to mention your URL to promote your website to your YouTube audience.