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Photo Credit: Life Sciences, The COVID-19 Virus

Here at Sharon Remeikis Online Marketing Solutions we have been monitoring the COVID-19 Virus very closely.

In The United States, our Country is facing a real pandemic regrading the Covid-19 Disease.

The COVID-19 is now at the top of it’s peak and we are ask that our readers to please do everything in your power to remain at home (except essential employees), practice social distancing as well as excellent hygiene.

We have listed some resources here to use if you have not been following this disease. I can not stress enough that NOW is the time to take this very seriously.

We have provided a resource link to The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) to help you navigate the recommended guidelines and the actions you and your family need to take to stay well during this pandemic crisis.


We hope that each of you will take a moment to review and follow these guidelines as well as your State, City and Local County.

We invite you to follow the daily briefings from The White House Task Force to stay well informed of the latest announcements and news pertaining to the COVID-19.

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On a personal note, we pray that each of you and your loved ones will survive this disease during this time of uncertainty.

In closing we would like you to know that we are grateful for each of you and wish that you and your family adhere to the above resources as well as to stay safe and well.

Please keep all of the other Countries in your Prayers, as many people are fighting for their lives and many have lost their loved ones around the world.

Together, if we can all pull together as ONE Nation to fight this virus, we will WIN.

Thank you in advance for reading this post.

We ask that you kindly share this important information with others to help protect them against this potential deadly virus.