Creating Belief in Network Marketing

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Creating belief in network marketing

Author: Matt Morris

Creating Belief in network marketing boils down to one thing…

If you’re a leader in your network marketing organization then you have one job…

Creating belief in network marketing, so much so, that they choose to go ALL-IN!

This brings us to Law #5:

Facilitate Major Decisions

The starting point for major success is a major decision.

When I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, I didn’t just fall on top of the mountain…

I had to make a major decision to take a few months out of my life training and then a week to fly to Tanzania and make the trek.

When I found myself 20-30 pounds overweight, I didn’t have 6-pack abs 90 days later by accident…

I had to make a major decision the I was no longer going to tolerate being a flabby chunker.

It takes a MAJOR decision to create MAJOR success.

And in the same manner, network marketers don’t achieve the highest ranks in your company by futzing around with their business and “trying” it out.

So, young Jedi, this is where you must understand HOW major decisions are made and HOW to get a LOT of people making major decisions to go ALL-IN.

Here’s the rule… and never forget this:

Major decisions are made at major events.

You can get people excited and create some momentum from webinars, calls, meetings, zooms, etc…

All of those things help to create belief, for sure…

But on a scale of 1-10, those things can get people to maybe a 7 or an 8 on the belief scale.

Not bad.

But only good enough to create a “builder”.

Leaders (those who hit the top ranks) are created ONLY when their belief gets to a 10.

In order to get someone to a 10, they typically need at least a 2-day immersion event (ideally put on by your company) with hundreds or, ideally, thousands.

2 full days of training, vision casting, belief building, inspiration, leadership development and hearing success stories of people like them (or not even on their level) who have created an incredible lifestyle through your opportunity or network marketing.

When you become a master of event promotion and, in turn, duplicate masterful levels of event promotion, you create a leadership development factory.

THAT, my friend, is how you create not just momentum, but a MOVEMENT.

I can personally attribute millions in earnings from this one strategy.

If you want to not only become a powerful leader but also help CREATE powerful leaders, become a master of event promotion.

I say “help” create powerful leaders because, in reality, as individual leaders, don’t create leaders…

People become leaders on their own through their decisions…

Decisions create leaders.


Events create leaders…

So get good!

The FOUNDATION necessary for achieving a high level of success.

I’d love to hear what your biggest takeaway was out of this in the comments below.

If you feel like this can add some value to some others, feel free to share it. 😉