Network Marketing Books to Read In 2020

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Author: Matt Morris

Here’s an except from a great trainer and leader none other than Matt Morris. For the full article you can hop over to his blog here:

It’s funny because I was going to do a blog on this week! I actually appreciate Matt’s insight.

There are 4 categories to master if you want to achieve at the highest levels in network marketing.

The first category obviously is network marketing.

Today, I’m giving you a handful of my favorite network marketing books that I recommend adding to your library…

#1) 7 Secrets to 7 Figures by Matt Morris

I wrote this at 29 when I first become a self-made millionaire. It was originally done as an audio and is not yet being sold on Amazon. You can pick up the ebook version for only $7 right now. I’ve been the #1 earner in 3 companies in my 24 years and have grown teams totaling over 1.5 million customers so I know a thing or two.

#2) Go Pro by Eric Worre

Eric has staked his claim as, by far, the most popular network marketing trainer. Unlike many of the wanna-be guru’s, he is the real deal and a good friend. Before retiring, he built organizations totaling over 500,000 customers and earned over $15 million.

#3) Raising a Giant by Bob Crisp

This is my favorite network marketing book. I’ve read it multiple times and it’s filled with highlights. Bob was one of the fastest growing leaders in Amway and this tells his story of building a team to over 200,000 people.

#4) Feeding a Giant by Bob Crisp

This is the follow up to Raising a Giant and, again, Bob does an excellent job outlining many of the most important principles to success in our profession.

#5) Your First Year in Network Marketing by the late Mark Yarnell

This is one of the best selling books of all time in our profession and a genuine classic. Take some of the teachings here with a grain of salt. Mark was super old-school and gives scripts like “you’d have to be brain dead not to take me up on this” which I would never in a million years say or teach. But the principles are as solid as they get.

Thanks for stopping today by and reading my post! 🙂

See you next time around. 😉