Coaching. Everyone Needs a Mentor-Coach

Yes it’s true.  Everyone needs a Coach!
This is more specific coaching which aims to help entrepreneurs develop themselves in business in order to succeed online.

Business marketing coaches can help with their branding, mission, determining their audience, and creating a strategic vision for the client’s business.

Ask yourself…
Are you setting income goals and rarely achieving them?

Are you having trouble growing your social media following or mailing list?

Do you find it difficult to make the connections you need to get noticed?

These are all things a Coach can help you with.

If you’re brand new and just looking for information, consider lower cost training programs. Books, online courses, and webinars are some of the cheapest and most valuable information you can buy. While the advice won’t be customized to your specific situation, the costs are often a small fraction of coaching programs.

If you’re not serious about becoming an online entrepreneur and are a “dreamer” instead of a “doer” — a “wantrepreneur” not committed to following through on your coach’s advice — then paying for a coach is a total waste of your time and money.

As your personal online business marketing coach, I will help you along the way keeping you focused on your goals, encourage you on our journey and help motivate you to step outside the box where you feel uncomfortable doing it all alone.

We can work together daily, weekly or monthly ongoing.

If you are struggling online and need my help, Let’s talk and decide if your a good candidate for my one on one personal coaching!

I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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